About Me

For many people and companies wanting to know that their website is being created here in the US is one of their top concerns. Another is wanting to make sure that your developer knows the meaning of dedication. In this case working with me you will not only be assured that your site is created and maintained here in the US by a dedicated indivual but you will also be receiving the services from a true five time All American and former member of the US Karate Team with three world championships under his belt. That is a track record that cannot be duplicated.

I started learning programming languages in the 80's before moving on to a career in electronics including communications and networking before returning to programming as my primary focus more than a decade ago. In that time I have created sites for clients that range from simple landing pages to large scale sites and database driven applications that are designed to handle millions of visitors while allowing the management of the owners complex business needs.

When you work with me you will leverage my expertise and skills in numerous languages, technologies and platforms including AWS, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress, Laravel and many many more.


When it comes to your web application needs I have a wide variety of experience in languages, platforms and technologies that I will use to your advantage.

Brand Identity

With a background in graphic arts and advertising I can help you and your company create an identity designed to highlight your products and skills. Be memorable by with your own brand.

Professional Responsive Design

Have the perfect responsive design created for you or your application that works across multiple platforms from your computer to your phone and tablet.

Database Management

Leveraging your application with a database can bring you to the next level. Data is not the future, it is now and I can help you use it in new ways with knowledge in MySQL, MS SQL, Access and more.

App Development

On the modern internet you and your business are not just a way to reach people but a way to work. I can help you compete with many existing cloud based applications or design one specifically for you and your business.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Can you and your audience find your site online? If the answer is no or you need to raise your rankings I have extensive experience in reviewing, creating and implementing plans to do just that. Just imagine going from page 30 on Google to the top of page one.* Contact me for a free SEO review.

CMS and Frameworks

When it comes to interfacing with your web application you may need a content management system or framework. I can custom build the perfect application using a variety of these including WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, CakePHP and others. Contact me today to find out more.





Fast Support


Sorry, I am not currently accepting new work. Please check back soon.